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Despite their durability and companies promise that "they will not brake down" things still happen. That is the reason why most of the companies will give their products 1-2-3-4 or even 5-year warranty. This means, that during warranty period you dont have to worry about a single thing.
From Below you can find different brand warranty providers who will make sure that problem will be fixed and it will stay that way.  

Lenovo Warranty

LENOVO - Monitors, Laptops, docks


Do you have a lenovo monitor or a computy-thingy that does not work as it should? With Lenovo Business-grade laptops you dont have to worry a single thing. Just click the link below, fill the forms and before you even notice, everything is already taken care of.

Dell Warranty

DELL - monitors, laptops, docks

If your dell product does not behave as it should then don't be mad at him, probably just started day with it's wrong cable. Instead of that, send him to rehebilitation to Dell doctors who will make sure that active workhours won't wear him off again. Just click the link below, fill the forms and voila, everything will be taken care of

Asus Warranty

ASUS - monitors, laptops

Asus is a great computer and monitor provider but unfortunately even their products are not factoryfault-proof. If you have an asus computer or monitor that does not work as it should - dont worry, you are not alone, you are with the link below. 

MSI warranty

MSI - laptops

However sad it might be, in endless super-duper powerful MSI computers there might be couple of unfortunate ones who may start to misbehave at one day. If that day comes then know - there is not a single problem that MSI wizards couldn't fix. "How do i reach to those wizards?" - you ask. Brilliant question, just follow the link below and find out!


Logitech - keyboards, mouses

Endless variety of keyboards and mouses made by logitech and none of them never breakes dowN? Sounds quite unbeliveable, right? Because it is. Even their best keyboard can give up under your master-level typing fingers. If it happens, dont get too disappointed. Better give them another change after you've sent them to a little treatment. Way to the treatment, however, you can find from the link below. 

Above here you can find best suggestions given by each brand distributor given them by manufactories. Going through that road usually leads to the quickest solution to get your broken electronical device fixed and on working again (usually couple of workdays). However, If in some reason happens that you are unable to go through that quicker road, there is always an option to bring your broken device to us and we will take those tasks for you!

My brand is not listed up there

As you can see then not every brand has given clear and quick instructions on how their factory-faulty products could get fixed. If you find that you hold some of those brands in your possess then know one - we will help you! Send us a message via "how can we help" form here and we will take care of everything until justice and fixed products are on rise again!

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