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Old But New

It looks that our old-but-new laptops are hotter stuff than we expected and we can't buy in as much as we sell. But dont worry, we have plenty of more incoming soon! Until then, feel free to browse our new-new products or fill the form to sell us Yours!  

Which computers are we looking forward to buying back?

When people visit a second-hand store to find new items, they usually hope to discover nice and rare finds that are not very old, look nice, and haven't lost their quality. We aim to provide a similar experience at Aestit for customers looking for old-but-new products on our page. That's why we prefer to buy back primarily business-grade laptops that are not older than 3 years. This ensures that their second user can enjoy the same quality as the first user did.

However, if you have any other laptop that doesn't fit into that criteria and you don't know what to do with it after purchasing a new one from us, you can still bring it to us, and we will ensure it gets recycled and transformed into new electronic gadgets.

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