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& Returns

Shipping Policy

In aestit we use best and most quality shipping and courier partners to get your goods to the right place the safest and quickest way that's possible. 

Couriers collect goods from our warehouses every day so there is no few-day long delay between your order and your order movement. 

Workday orders which are done before 3pm are going to be shipped on the same day and delivery is 1-3 work days (depending on the distances). Orders done after 3pm are just departed on the next day. Same is with orders that are placed on weekends and holidays - these are shipped as well on the next workday. 

Return & Exchange Policy

It's everyday situation that people buy a computer or new monitor and when it arrives, client discoveres that he/she already actually had one and now she has two. What to do in this situation? Dont worry! If you discover within 14 days after purchase that you actually didn't need that, you had emotion purchase from the best laptop store or bought product doesn't fill your needs, you can return it or even better - we can help you to find product that fills your needs better and exchange it. 

Return and exchange option however have one criteria - product must be in the same condition as it was newly and all parts (including package) must be remained. 

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